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Company Profile

As the leading brand of pharmacy automation, Shenzhen RSS is the only company that owns entire independent core technology and complete proprietary intellectual property rights in China’s pharmaceutical industry. By absorbing the creative ideas of the world's medication management, combining state of the art intelligent technology and self-independent innovation, the company has obtained dozens of national patents and launched the pharmacy automation total solution that best conforms to China’s pharmaceutical realities.

The company has powerful technical innovation capability and international advanced level research and development platform, strictly implementing the manufacturing management process of ISO system, ensuring the quality and performance of the products, and promoting the continuous upgrading and improving of the products. The sales marketing headquarter and production center set up in Shenzhen MTC Innovative Industry Park altogether form a comprehensive sales network and perfect after-sales service system which offers sufficient application and technical guarantee for the cooperative customers.

  • Empathy

    Deeply excavate requirements, conform to country's situation

  • Ingenuity

    Small values we create will benefit the world for a long time.

  • Values

    Empathy Ingenuity

  • Vision

    Leading brand of pharmacy automation

  • Mission

    Taking technology, service, and credit as the core competitiveness, creating value for customers, employees and share holders


Create to new high, ride the wind and waves high


Complete the construction of a new model for chronic disease management in China


Company reform and forge ahead


Complete the overall layout of the smart pharmacy production line


Realize double growth of revenue


The first machine entered into a medical institution


Company was founded