• 1st

    Patients do not need to wait for medication pickup

    The equipment automatically receives prescription information, automatically performs medication dispensing, achieving zero waiting time for medication pickup.

  • 2nd

    Intelligent and convenient dispensing

    The machine automatically dispenses packaged medications, significantly reducing the workload of pharmacists and improving work efficiency.

  • 3rd

    Significantly improves pharmacy image

    Centralized storage of medications improves space utilization, and rational layout of pharmacy optimizes pharmacy environment.

  • 4th

    Considerate and thoughtful medication services

    Automated dispensing empowers pharmacists to provide effective medication services.

  • 5th

    The dispensing process is concise and clear

    The system reads, analyzes, and processes prescription information, streamlines workflow, and improves dispensing efficiency.

  • 6th

    Significantly reduces errors

    By using dispensing equipment to complete the medication allocation and distribution work of pharmacy that is prone to errors, human mistakes are greatly reduced and the accuracy of the overall process is improved.


  • Pharmacy


    Optimize process, improve environment

  • Pharmacist


    Make up medication service efficiently

  • Patient


    Quickly pick up medication, safely take medication

  • Management


    Strive for lean management to reduce errors


Pickup wrong medication caused by similar appearance and different doses of medications.

Deliver wrong medication caused by long walking distance and high work intensity.

Give wrong medication caused by similar names and unclear medication explanations.

High accuracy, high ratio of prescription completeness, and high degree of automation.

Let the pharmacists return to their job.

Strengthen the digitization and full process management of pharmacies.

Overall Introduction

Intelligent outpatient dispensing system realizes the intelligent management for medication storage, access, allocation and distribution process, improves work efficiency of the pharmacist, reduces the errors of every process as well in order to ensure the safety of patient's medication usage. RSSZY smart outpatient pharmacy automation is the chain-mode pharmacy automation total solution built up by the specialized team based on the intelligent equipment like outpatient dispensing system according to customer's requirements.

Pain Point



RSS Features

Seamless connected and fully automated intelligent dispensing machine.

The dispensing process is complete and smooth, from finding medication to delivering medication to the window, the whole process is automtic without any manual intervention.

The intelligent transmission track is seamlessly connected to the automatic medicine basket granting system and windows, which can connect to all windows and process multiple prescriptions simultaneously. It can be tailored according to customer requirement and terrain.

Horizontal Power-Driven Medicine Slot

Shenzhen RSS adopts horizontal alignment for self-developed horizontal power-driven medicine slot to enable the medications transmitted through belt with constant rate, avoiding package squeezing, therefore to improve package dispensing accuracy. The width of the medicine slot is adjustable in order to store the packaged medications with various specifications and ensure high ratio of medication on slot. Each horizontal power-driven medicine slot can be controlled individually to realize multiple-package dispensing simultaneously. When accident occurs in one medicine slot, the system can automatically shield this slot so as not to affect package dispensing of other slots.

In addition, it has solved such problems of traditional oblique slot as small prescription volume, unstable dispensing speed, proneness to dispense more or less, and low accuracy of dispensing.

. Medicine slot is placed horizontally with dense package storage and high ratio of complete prescription.

. The packaged medications are transmitted horizontally by power via belt, dispensing rate is same for different types of medications, and accuracy is high.

. The packaged medications are placed vertically based on the narrowest side to avoid overlap, with high dispensing accuracy.

Modelar Design

Personalized customization: can make professional solution configuration based on customer's requirements, in the mean time support future upgrading and increasing of unit medicine cabinet.

Highest installation speed: complete system switch within 12 hours, without any effect on normal operation of existing hospital pharmacy.

The machine undertakes comprehensive testing before shipment. Modular assembly is applied on site, no need to install from components, ensuring the quality to achieve machine restored with “zero error”.

Adopting welded cast iron process, sturdy and not easily deformed.

Accessory Equipment

How to judge a good outpatient dispensing machine?

  • High efficiency and high accuracy

    High efficiency and high accuracy

  • High automation degree

    High automation degree

  • High ratio of complete prescription at one time

    High ratio of complete prescription at one time

  • Has emergent solution

    Has emergent solution