Intelligent Emergency System

When the intelligent medicine storage cabinet stops working, the dispensing system can be switched to manual dispensing mode through the intelligent emergency system to ensure the normal operation of the pharmacy. It can also work together with intelligent medicine storage cabinet as an auxiliary machine during peak dispensing time.

Quickly Print Prescription Information

When peak dispensing time occurs, the intelligent emergency system can accurately and quickly accept prescriptions sent by HIS, process prescriptions through dispensing machine, and pharmacist can manually dispense and distribute medicine baskets simultaneously.


Binding medicine basket

During the maintenance period, it can replace the dispensing machine to bind Intelligent medicine basket information, complete the dispensing work and manually send the medicine baskets to the designated window at the front desk through the transmission system. It can be used standalone, has wireless charging capability for medicine basket.

Workload statistics

Customized software can achieve workload statistics function of the pharmacist according to customer requirements.


Tracking prescription information

Software information integration, tracking and processing prescription information.