Intelligent Stripping Machine

Convenient operation: take out the adjustment module as a whole (no need to remove the rubber shaft) and directly adjust the spacing of the partition according to the specifications of the medication plate, which is convenient and labor-saving.

High efficiency: the "electric+whole board" stripping mode allows for a stripping speed of up to 40 plates per minute.

Automatic counting: at the same time as stripping the capsule, the stripped capsule particles are automatically counted.

Strong flexibility: suitable for various formed packaging specifications of medication plates, tablets and capsules, which can be successfully stripped out regardless of size.

Effective pollution prevention: after the medication particles are stripped off, they directly fall into the pouch through the medication guide plate, which is easy to remove and clean, avoiding cross infection of medications.

Security guarantee: relevant warning signs and immediate stop devices have been designed to ensure both the overall safety of the equipment and the safety of operators.