Intelligent Disassembling & Packaging Machine

The automatic disassembling of tablets and capsules in pharmacies enables intelligent management of the storage, allocation, and distribution of dispensed tablets and capsules, solving the problem of grabbing medications with bare hands NOT in a sterile environment for most pharmacies during disassembling, avoiding secondary contamination of medications, saving pharmacist time in counting medications, and preventing inaccurate counting by pharmacist, improving pharmacist work efficiency and ensuring patient medication safety.

Multi-channel dispening simultaneously

Has 6 outlets which can make automated disassembling for 6 types of medications simultaneously.


Lighting reminder

When the medications output from the outlet, the upside LED screen will be lighting to display the information like medication name, quantity, and etc., easy for finding and secondary checking, improving efficiency and avoiding mistakes.

Tailored medication canister

Contains 60 intelligent medication canisters, and can configure up to 60 types of disassembling medications (scalable).


Prescription information

Interacts with HIS system, printing medication information in real-time based on prescription information.