Dongyang People's Hospital

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Dongyang People's Hospital was founded in 1939 and is a Grade III, Grade B comprehensive hospital that integrates medical treatment, teaching, prevention, and rehabilitation. It is a designated hospital for medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical system in Dongyang City, an international emergency rescue network hospital, and a teaching hospital for medical colleges such as Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yichun College of Medicine. It has successively won the titles of National Advanced Collective in the Medical and Health System, National People's Trust Demonstration (Top 100) Hospital Honorary titles such as Zhejiang Civilized Hospital and Jinhua Civilized Unit.

In July 2012, Shenzhen RSSZY launched its "Intelligent Outpatient Dispensing Machine" to provide more reasonable and standardized management of medication distribution in pharmacies. Intelligent devices replace repetitive manual work, reduce intermediate errors, and improve the overall operational efficiency of pharmacies.