Shenzhen Children's Hospital

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Shenzhen Children's Hospital was founded in 1997 and is located in the central district of Shenzhen. It is a comprehensive children's hospital that integrates medical treatment, health care, scientific research, teaching, and rehabilitation. It is also the only tertiary Grade A children's specialized hospital in Guangdong Province. The hospital focuses on disciplinary construction and ranked 8th in the performance evaluation of national tertiary public hospitals in 2019 among children's specialized hospitals in China. The hospital has been selected as one of the "Key Construction Hospitals of the Second Batch of High Level Hospitals in Guangdong Province".

In June 2017, Shenzhen RSSZY launched its "Intelligent Outpatient Dispensing Machine", which solved a series of inefficient problems for hospitals, such as slow queuing for medication delivery and high dispensing intensity by pharmacists. Improve the overall operational efficiency of the pharmacy, reduce the occurrence of manual errors, and enhance patients' sense of seeking medical attention.