Jun 6, 2023

How does smart pharmacy ensure the privacy and security of personal information?

Smart pharmacy ensures the privacy and security of personal information mainly through the following aspects:


Smart pharmacy needs to comply with the laws, regulations, and norms, especially those related to personal information protection, such as "Personal Information Protection Law of People's Republic of China", to ensure the legality and compliance of data and not violate relevant laws and regulations.

2.Security guarantee

Smart pharmacy needs to take reasonable measures to protect the security of personal information, including but not limited to adopting technical measures to prevent risks such as hacker attacks and data leakage, and ensure that data is not maliciously attacked or leaked.

3.Clarify the scope and purpose of collection

When collecting and using personal information for smart pharmacy, the scope and purpose of collection should be clearly defined, and personal information unrelated to the business or beyond the necessary scope should be avoided as much as possible.

4.Obtaining user's consent

When collecting personal information, our company should inform users of the purpose and scope of collection, clearly inform users of the aspects they will use, and obtain their explicit consent before getting personal information.

5.Strengthen internal management

Smart pharmacy should establish a sound personal information management system and conduct internal training and other measures to ensure that employees are aware of the importance of personal information protection and can effectively implement regulations.

Only this way can let users trust smart pharmacy more and be willing to use related services.