Jun 6, 2023

Smart Pharmacy: What are the payment terms and product return/replacement policies?

Payment terms:

The payment terms of smart pharmacies generally include online payment, cash on delivery, bank transfer, and etc. Customers can choose the appropriate payment terms based on their personal needs and habits.

Product return and replacement policies:

The product return and replacement services normally need to meet the following basic criteria:

1. Product quality issues

If customers have dissidence to the quality of the product after receiving it, they can contact our after sales service for return or replacement. Our company will handle the return or replacement based on the actual situation.

2. Product receipt issues

If customers find that the product does not match the order or has obvious quality issues, they can contact our after sales service for return or replacement within 7 days from receiving the product.

3. Replacement scope

Our company generally only provides replacement services for similar products, and ensure that replaced products are intact with good packaging.

In the return and replacement policies of smart pharmacies, the following aspects need to be noted:

1. When customers return or replace poducts, it is necessary to keep the original packaging, instructions, accessories, and other complete attachments.

2. When customers return products, it is necessary to negotiate with our after sales service about the return method and shipping cost, and ensure that there will be no secondary loss.

3. When return or replace products, customers need to provide relevant information such as order number, purchase date, product name, and reason for return or replacement, so that our company can verify the return or replacement information.

It should be noted that the above payment terms and return/replacement policies are only common business models of smart pharmacy, and may vary due to different business operations. When use smart pharmacy products to provide services, customers should pay attention to checking the specific operating rules and clauses of the smart pharmacy.