Oct 13, 2023

New product intelligent medication verification system launched

The intelligent medication verification system can quickly and accurately verify the correctness of packaged medications through seamless integration with the HIS system and advanced image recognition technology.


As a leading brand in pharmacy automation, Ruichi Zhiyuan has always been known for developing efficient and reliable solutions. The release of the intelligent medication verification system not only fills the market gap, but also attracts widespread attention in the industry.

The core advantage of the intelligent medication verification system lies in its highly intelligent function. By checking the packaged medications from dispensing & packaging machine, it can identify incorrect medication pouches. It automatically integrates with the HIS system, recognizing medication pouch information and judging its correctness through photography. Incorrect medication pouchs will be marked on the screen. After the intelligent medication verification system completes the checking, medical personnel only need to check marked medication pouchs based on the screen information. The system also has powerful traceability function, allowing medical personnel to check the photos of the medications during the verification, which not only improves work efficiency, but also greatly reduces the risk of human errors.

The system is easy to operate, has a friendly interface, and can be quickly trained to use. Its high-speed and high-precision verification function will provide a more reliable guarantee for the medical industry.