Intelligent Pouch Inspection System

Verifies packaged medications, the medication pouch containing problematic medications can be identified.

It automatically integrates with the HIS system, recognizing medication pouch information and judging its correctness through photography. Incorrect medication pouchs will be marked on the screen. Medical personnel only need to check marked medication pouchs based on the screen information.

Save time

No need to verify one by one, greatly saving valuable time for medical personnel.


High accurancy

Verification by machine ensures high accuracy and safer medication for patients.

Digitalized management

Medication information can be permanently stored for easy traceability. The data is stored in the hospital's internal database, ensuring the information security of the hospital.


Complete evidence of packaged medications

By using the intelligent inspection system, all medication pouches will be photographed and archived in the database. The stored photos can be tracked, and if a medication pouch causes problem or complaint, verification can be done by searching the database.