24-Hour Smart Pharmacy Dispensing Machine

Smart pharmacy dispensing machine has created a self-service medication taking mode with automatic medication dispensing and taking equipment as the carrier for fever clinics and medical institutions. The self-service medication taking segment in the unmanned pharmacy of fever clinics can not only replace the position of pharmacist, avoid direct contact between pharmacists and patients, but also reduce cross contamination during the process of medication taking.

Physical separation

Embedded design is applied to completely separate the medication pickup area from the filling area to avoid cross contamination.


Large storage volume

Fill the medication at once to meet the multi-day dosage, complying with the first in, first out principle, and meet the GSP medication specifications.

Medication pickup without contact

Implement multiple modes such as reading and scanning medical cards or prescription forms.


Automatic printing of medication order

Automatically print medication usage and dosage information based on HIS information.

Convenient medication filling

Fast medication filling is achieved through medication barcode, and real-time medication storage status on the machine can be displayed on the touch-screen.


Medication traceability

Equipped with a multi angle camera, it can capture and store the dispensed medications, ensuring the traceability of the dispensing process.

Self-developed Software

The dispensing system software is independently developed and can be customized according to different scenarios.


Background review

Background image and text review to ensure accurate dispensing of medications and patient's safe medication.